Everyone at Work exists to unite smart, hardworking people with companies that see value in diversity. By investing in communities of smart people who are traditionally outside of the workforce and training employers to bring them into the fold, we can make a difference in the lives of marginalized Americans.

Founded with the charge of uniting Deaf people with good jobs in America’s lowest unemployment state, Everyone at Work is a not-for-profit employment firm that recognizes that people with disabilities and members of other disadvantaged groups have abilities that are in-demand in today’s job market.

By providing accessible creative-thinking workshops to job seekers and offering cultural and disability awareness training to employers, we believe we can finally make a difference in offering decent work opportunities to all Americans.

The Team

Kyle Duarte headshot

Kyle Duarte, PhD


Kyle studied Design Thinking at Stanford University. He focuses his work on empowering Deaf communities around the world. Kyle loves traveling and knows English, ASL, French, and Spanish.

Sean Maiwald headshot

Sean Maiwald, MPP


Sean teaches entrepreneurship at Gallaudet University. He loves helping young people bring new ideas to market. He’s even launched a company that helps keep dorm fridges and microwaves out of landfills.

Patrick Graham headshot

Patrick Graham, PhD


Patrick is a champion for creating equitable opportunities for all people, regardless of their backgrounds. He is a recognized leader in creating in-person and online curricula to support learning goals.

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